Thursday, November 8, 2007

Off the Wheel

I love spinning, but I especially love the handspun yarn that comes off the wheel in the end. As a new spinner, I get so excited to see what will happen after the actual spinning, plying, and blocking is all done. So far, I have not been disappointed...

This yarn was spun from louet's 100% wool pencil roving. The colorway is irises. This skein in the photos is 150 yards of light worsted weight yarn (about 9 wpi) and weighs 6.1 oz. I spun the singles on two bobbins with an Ashford Traveller spinning wheel, and plied them using the jumbo flyer attachment for the wheel. I also spun the remaining 1.9 oz. onto one bobbin, and plyed it from a center pull ball. This gave me 45 more yards for a total of about 195 yards. It was nice to finish all of the roving and end up with no waste. I have not decided on a project for the yarn yet, but I am extremely happy with the results so far.

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