Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Sock Down

Last week I finished my first jeweled step sock from "New Pathways in Sock Knitting" by Cat Bordhi, and I immediately cast on sock number two. I can't wait to wear them and see how the pair looks together. Here are some pictures of the first sock...

I love the little jewel steps, but I was especially happy to see how the colors on the heel turned out. I need a pair of clogs to show off the little blue "eye" on the back of the heel. One of my favorite things about knitting socks is finding out how colors will pool.
I have just started the arch expansion for sock number two, and I have had no problems with the pattern or the techniques described in the book. I am a very slow knitter, but these are knitting up quite fast. Most of the sock is knit in stockinette stitch, and the best thing about Cat's new patterns is that there are no stitches to pick up. It just doesn't feel right to make a sock without a gusset, but the sock fits great and is very comfortable.

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